Friday, December 11, 2009

XXX Christmas Photo

Hello everyone, it's Gracie here...
Mom thought that she had the perfect photo
for our Christmas Cards,
but she is soooooooooooooooo
glad that she took a really close look before printing them
all out and mailing them. 
This is the perfect example of just how gross boy dogs are!

Check it out.
George here...I'm not gross you butthead.
I just made sure that we'll be getting more TREATS.
Mom will have to dress us up again and give us
goodies for sitting under this stupid tree.
And what good is a tree when you can't even tinkle on it - huh?
And it doesn't even smell like a tree.

Gracie here....George is a DD (dumb dog).
George here...who are you calling a DD?
It sure enough better not be me.
I'll tell mom, and I'm her favorite!
Gracie {sigh}...beam me up Scottie, cause I'm ready to go.